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“As a token of eternal gratitude to the impressive comet that, in the summer of 1811, flaunted its golden hair over the skies of Champagne”

From the Champagne sky

Comète 1811 is the result of a bold dream to elevate vodka to the rank of the finest spirits.
Comète 1811 is produced with one of the most noble ingredients in the world, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Champagne. To distill our 100% French vodka, we use grapes from our Champagne vineyards that have been in our family for over 300 years.
To pursue our dream, we innovated and extended the vodka world boundaries by designing a unique preparation process inspired from our beloved traditional Champagne method.
In search of the perfect aromatic balance and subtle roundness, we worked freely and boldly using our family secret to create a dosage that once assembled, gives our vodka all its finesse. 

This exceptional dosage of Champagne wine benefited from a prolonged aging in barrels that once contained great cognacs.
Our unique in the world “savoir-faire” gives to Comète 1811 its incomparable taste and roundness.

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